Jonas Bers is an audiovisual noise artist and performer based in New York’s Hudson Valley; working with video sonification, vector rescanning, signal corruption, analog laser modulation, recursion, anaglyph 3d, handmade circuits, electroacoustic instruments, installation, projection, and circuit bending.


Fitness Gallery 2012b


In his recent process, obsolete video equipment is modified for use as performance instrumentation via voltage control from a homebuilt modular system. Functions of discarded editing machines are automated in realtime to project synchronized monochromatic patterns and pseudo three-dimesional geometric environments. Audible frequencies within the analog video signal are amplified into a corresponding synesthetic score.



He is also half of hARBOUR, an ambient drone duo with guitarist Damian Patrick Cleary founded in Rosendale, NY in 2012, which frequently collaborates with artist & writer Jack Walls.