Jonas Bers (b.1977, USA)

A stalwart of NY video performance and devotee of obsolete technology, Bers’ minimalist geometric abstractions use audiovisual stimulation as a context for the deep contemplation of shapes and patterns typically devoid of spiritual connotation in order to consider visual and emotional illusions of dimensionality.

In Bers’ realtime video sonification works, salvaged VHS era editing machines, surveillance cameras, and laboratory equipment undergo modifications to be reincarnated as performance instrumentation. Audible frequencies within the video signal are amplified into a stark and droning synesthetic score; an intuitive and hypnotic illustration of the inextricable relationship between analog video and sound.

Bers has performed and exhibited internationally — notably at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Seeing Sound UK, The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial, LaMama, Dixon Place, and The World Maker Faire.

Single-edition, authenticated digital works available at Moving Pictures Gallery.

Fitness Gallery 2012b