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I love hearing about the projects you’re doing, and I love traveling to your cities and towns to do workshops, performances, and nerdy talks about video art. Seriously, get in touch if you’d like to do a workshop — it’s pretty likely I can make it to wherever you are with a little bit of planning.

Let’s make it happen!

To order PCBs or just have a nice chat, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let me know what’s up.

Please wait until I’ve given you the go-ahead before sending PayPal for an order. There’s always a good chance that I’m either sold out of whatever you’re looking for or that it’s in stock at an online shop who can ship faster, cheaper, and more reliably than me. Thonk (UK), Modular Addict (USA), and Raw Voltage (EU) often carry my stuff under the name CHA/V Designs (and sometimes “CHAV Designs”, without the slash).

CHA/V PCBs (sold out as of 12/3/2020. New version is finished and will be released in early April  JUNE 2021)

E-Z Bake Video is $5 + shipping. (sold out as of 10/2020, new version possibly sometime in 2021) They come in red or blue. I’ll give you a significant bulk discount if you are doing youth programming or other similar non-profit sort of work because that’s what my day job is.

Axoloti Eurorack Adapters are $10 + shipping. (sold out, discontinued) Shoot me a message if you’re super in need of one of these.


$5 (1st class, padded envelope)

Worldwide (outside the US):
Option 1: $10 shipped as a “package” (1st class, padded envelope)
Option 2: $5 shipped as a “letter” (paper envelope painter-taped to a piece of a manila folder)

The ‘ol letter trick is a well-established practice for mailing PCBs cheaply. The risk is that if it goes through a sorting machine it can be potentially bent and broken, lost, or rejected and returned. I’ve heard that it may not technically be legal, but people have been doing it for years, so my guess is that it’s more of a “frowned-upon” thing. CHA/Vs have made it through the mail this way, but it’s tricky with them because of their size and shape, and they might not make it. I’d recommend against the letter trick with a large PCB, especially internationally. E-Z Bake and the Axo adapter are easy to send as a letter, and I’m pretty confident there won’t be a problem (there never has been) no matter what the destination is. Shipping method is up to you — I just can’t guarantee you’ll get it in one piece (or at all) if we go the cheap route. 

I accept PayPal here.

Please include your shipping address in the PayPal comment. If you’re outside the US, let me know if you want shipping option 1 or 2.

T H A N K   Y O U ! ! !