“This is the originality and genius of art: allowing a connection; a common language. We look at a screen without any sound and then there is a loud noise and a moving point, and then a circle, but what is a circle? I don’t know, but I know this: if we look at a square, you and I have the same reaction.”

DiSilvia Franzoni: FILO Magazine

Friday Hack Chat: Visual Synthesis

Brian Benchoff, Hackaday

Vector Hack: Ovvero il sabotaggio della realtà virtuale come prassi artistica e sociale

Antonella Di Tillo, Culture Future

Systems of Noise and the Experiential Glitch Companion: An Interview with Jonas Bers

Benton C Bainbridge, Whitehot Magazine


Toshinao Ruike, MAKE: Japan

“He’s not playing modular synths, he’s playing video signals.”

Allysa Buffenstein, VICE: Creator’s Project

“When I regained my hearing, it was like I had entered a new realm.”

Kevin Lozano, VICE: Thump

“Perfect mirror visual accompaniment.”

Isaiah David, AdHoc

“The best kind of exploding noise in a historically significant context I may ever see.”

Ben Hersey, Boston Hassle

“The sound guy runs to the stage, assuming something’s gone wrong.”

Mike Faloon, Go Metric

“What a single cell of hydrogen fission would sound like if it was slowed down a million times.”

Anthony Tino, Recession Art

“…OCEANIC — achieving waves in sound that mimic the motions of the tides.”

Jennifer Gutman, Chronogram

“..modern witchcraft.”

Nicole LePera, Sun Journal