Performances & Exhibitions


Hack & Act, Laboratorio Aperto, Modena, Italy

Hack & Act, Laboratorio Aperto, Ferrara, Italy (solo A/V) [360 video below]

6 Unusual A/V Sets, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

ΔV/ΔT :: Sonic Acts, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL (solo A/V) [below]

Vector Hack Festival, OSMO/ZA, Ljubljana, Slovenia (A/V collaboration w/ Staša Guček) [below]


Vector Hack Festival, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia (solo A/V) [below]vector hack.jpg

World Maker Faire, Hall of Science, Queens, NY (vector synthesis demonstration)

Audio Buffet, Wavefarm, Acra, NY (durational group radio broadcast)

12th Annual Anarchist Art Fair, Judson Memorial Church, NYC (solo A/V)

Coaxial, Los Angeles CA (solo A/V)

Telepresence, H0l0, Queens, NY (vector synthesis demonstration) [below]


X-Fest, Dorchester Art Project, Boston MA (video projection)

DistENDed Cinema, H0l0, Queens, NY (solo 2-channel A/V)

.ZIP Uncompressed, 3LD, NY NY (immersive 2-channel solo A/V) [below]

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Dark Circuits Orchestra, Knockdown Center, Queens, NY (volumetric projection) [below]26231703_1113746478765189_1376281039005095638_n.jpg

Bill Etra Memorial, Culturehub, NYC (solo A/V)

Transient Visions Festival of the Moving Image, SPOOL Contemporary Arts, Johnson City, NY (A/V Performance)

World Maker Faire, Hall of Science, Queens, NY (vector synthesis demonstration)

AS220, Providence, RI (modular A/V collaboration w/ Matthew Azevedo) [below]


Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY (modular A/V collaboration w/ Nathan Cearley)

Confetti Machine: Realtime Media Festival, Outpost Artist Resources, Ridgewood, NY (solo A/V)

Anarko Arts Festival, Judson Memorial Church, NYC (solo AV) [below]walter-wlodarczyk-2017-05-13-_87A3080.jpg

Telepresence, La Lumiere, Montreal QC (solo AV) [below]LaLumiere2017.jpg

Park Church, Brooklyn, NY (projection mapping/analog video collaboration w/ Wetware)

500 Tableux, Hilo, Catskill, NY (solo A/V)


Transforming Mass, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant, Brooklyn, NY (solo A/V)

Canticum Interr_ptus, Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY (A/V & analog laser collaboration w/ Embarker)

Dark Circuits, Spectrum, NY NY (solo A/V w/ Rutt Etra clone) [360 video below]

Park Church, Brooklyn, NY (solo A/V dual projection & analog laser modulation)

Modular Equinox A/V, The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn, NY (A/V & live cymatics collaboration with Nathan Cearley) [below]


Dianetics V, Electric Perfume, Toronto ON (solo AV)

CR10, Linlithgo NY (solo AV)

Buddyfest, My Life in the Bush with Ghosts, New Paltz NY (solo AV)

Torus Porta Closing, Torus Porta, Brooklyn NY (solo AV)

DistENDed Cinema, Outpost Artist Resources, Queens NY (solo AV)

Chashama Gala, Conde Nast Times Square, NY NY (collaborative durational AV w/ Phillip Stearns, Benton C Bainbridge, Eric Barry Drasin)

Ducati Hell Night, Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY (video projection)

Creative Tech Week: Performing Systems, Moving Pictures Gallery, Bronx NY (solo AV, livestream, performance excerpted for single-edition works)

Abstract Conditions, Bootleg Mansion, Brooklyn NY (solo AV)

Seeing Sound, Bath Spa University, UK (Taenaris 2.0 screening)

Bard College (solo AV)

Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf NY (solo AV) [below]

The Arts Block, Greenfield, MA (AV collaboration w/ Matthew Azevedo)

Xfest 2016, Holyoke City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke, MA (projection mapping collaboration w/ Katherine Liberovskaya)

ΔV/ΔT :: Linton 6.0 distENDed cinema, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY (solo A/V) [below]Jonas Bers ΔV:ΔT.png

Evening of Performance, Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, NY (solo AV)

Out to See, South St. Seaport, NY, NY (automated score AV duet w/ Eric Barry Drasin)

Eastern Tapes Monthly Modular, Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY (solo AV) [below]


Refest – Performing Systems – LaMama – NY, NY (solo 3d audiovisual performance) [below]


The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial – Rendertime Pavilion – Gent, Belgium (video screening)

Diverse Universe – Gowanus Ballroom – Brooklyn, NY (audiovisual collaboration w/ Spreaders)

Salonukah – Trestle Gallery – Brooklyn, NY (collaboration w/ Spreaders)

Smhoakstock V – Shea Stadium – Brooklyn, NY (3d projection)

6 Unusual A/V Sets – Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (audiovisual video & laser duet w/ Sofy Yuditskaya) [below]IMG_4403

Seligmann Center for the Arts – Sugarloaf, NY (w/ Jack Walls)

BSP – Kingston, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Improvised Electronics Round Robin Dark Circuits – CultureHub – NY, NY (audiovisual ensemble conducted by Hans Tammen) [below]


 Film Society of Lincoln Center – Sound + Vision Live – NY, NY (solo audiovisual performance) [below]

Modular Equinox – Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (audiovisual collaboration w/ Matthew Azevedo) [below]

The Luminous Surface – Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD (Taenaris 2.0)

Muchmore’s – Brooklyn, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Bohemian Grove – Brooklyn, NY (video projection, collaboration w/ Crazed and 10,000 IDIOTS)

War Stories 2 Release Party – The Lodge – Chester, NY (solo audiovisual performance) [below]


My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – New Paltz, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Doors Unlimited – Rosendale, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

NOISE, Division St. Guitars – Peekskill, NY (audiovisual collaboration w/ OHMS of Resistance)

Bushwick Open Studios 2015, Torus_Porta – Brooklyn, NY (solo audiovisual performance) [below]

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Ende Tymes V, Outpost Artist Resources – Ridgewood, NY (audiovisual collaboration w/ Long Distance Poison) [below]

Audiovisual Baltimore & NYC, 5th Dimension – Baltimore, MD (solo audiovisual performance)

DE VeeZiBLe BeeTz, Torus_Porta – Brooklyn, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

X-Fest, Gateway City Arts – Holyoke, MA (video projection) [below]


Dead of Winter Festival, Poughkeepsie, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Performing Systems #2, Panoply Performance Laboratory – Brooklyn, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

NEW YEARS Sousveillance 2015, Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (video projection)


Trestle Gallery – Brooklyn, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

6 Unusual A/V Sets – Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (audiovisual collaboration w/ Draggers collective)

Alter – New Paltz, NY (group audiovisual performance)

Ducati Hell Night II, Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (video projection)

Frantasia Festival of OUTMUSIC, Livermore Falls, ME (group audiovisual performance) [below]

photo: Anthony Tino

119 Gallery, Lowell, MA (group audiovisual performance)

Modular Solstice: Mirror Doubles, Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (video projection)

Ducati Hell Night, Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (video projection) [below]


SUN RA Centennial, The Lodge – Chester, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Modular Equinox, Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY (video projection)

Festival of Vultures, Poughkeepsie, NY (solo audiovisual performance)


Frantasia Festival of OUTMUSIC 10th Anniversary, Livermore Falls, ME (group audiovisual performance)

Project Catalyst – Poughkeepsie, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Recession Art – Brooklyn, NY (solo audiovisual performance)

Hong Kong Garden – Philadelphia, PA (audiovisual collaboration w/ Spreaders)



“Signal as Medium” lecture, Laboratorio Aperto, Ferrara, Italy

CHA/V Workshop, Laboratorio Aperto, Modena, Italy


Visual Synthesis talk, Friday Hack Chat,

“Analog Scan Processing” lecture, Vector Hack Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia [below]


CHA/V Workshop, Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia [below]


CHA/V Workshop, Radiona, Zagreb, Croatia

CHA/V Workshop, Coaxial, Los Angeles, CA

Community Circuits, Elting Memorial Library, New Paltz, NY


Vector Synthesis Demonstration, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, New Paltz, NY

Vector Synthesis Demonstration, World Maker Faire, Hall of Science, Queens, NY

Vector Synthesis Demonstration, Elting Memorial Library, New Paltz, NY


CHA/V Workshop, Kingston, NY

hARBOUR Performances


MLBWG – New Paltz NY

24-hour Drone: Experiments in Sound & Music, Basilica – Hudson, NY (collaboration w/ Jack Walls) [below]

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.42.52 PM.png


Between Night, Briefly – Widow Jane Mine – Rosendale, NY (collaboration w/ Jack Walls) [below]


Basilica – Hudson, NY collaboration w/ Jack Walls [above]

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.34.17 AM2014

Gray Zone for Performance Art – Rosendale, NY

Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY


Pleasure Jail – Brooklyn, NY

Bacchus – New Paltz, NY

Daggett St., New Haven, CT  Elm Recordings

Robert C. Turner Gallery – Alfred University – Alfred, NY [below]

photo: Anthony Tino

The Lodge – Chester, NY

Bowery Electric – NY, NY collaboration w/ Jack Walls 

Dixon Place – NY, NY collaboration w/ Jack Walls [below]


Fitness Gallery – Brooklyn, NY


Panoply Performance Laboratory – Brooklyn, NY [below]


Ampersand – Cherry Valley, NY

BSP – Kingston, NY

Uncertainty Music Series – New Haven, CT [below]

Project Catalyst – Poughkeepsie, NY

Frantasia Festival of OUTMUSIC – Livermore Falls, ME

Chashama Gallery – NY, NY

BSP – Kingston, NY

Kitty City – New Paltz, NY



Video Art is Awful (limited edition VHS compilation) Basement Labs VXPX_001 


Semiotic Recipes (limited edition VHS compilation) Cryptic Carousel 


~ (audiocassette compilation) Endless Editions 



May 2015 – Capture Video Installation, Endless Chinatown, NY NY [below]



January 2014 – Capture Video Installation, Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture, Brooklyn, NY


6 Unusual A/V Sets is a NYC performance series started in 2014. Each installment brings together six artists with singular audiovisual practices for back to back performances. Promotional materials from past events below. 


June 2016 – Signal Culture

January 2013 – Culturefix – NY, NY, (as hARBOUR)