CHA/V Hall of Shame

These people defied my specific instructions not to read any of this and then had the audacity to make their own CHA/Vs. 

In all seriousness, this project has been a true community effort and there are many people who have my gratitude for helping to bring it to you.

Max Hamel (HSFB) and Jen Kutler came to the first “workshop” in my living room back in 2016 and helped me see this concept as something that could benefit a larger audience. Jen later hosted and co-facilitated a great and really comfortable workshop in Ithaca.

Luis Gonzales made the first PCB version of the CHA/V (the CHA/Ves) and published gerber files for it that are still publicly available here. I used those PCBs for my first series of workshops and then we collaborated on a revised version (the CHA/Ves 3.xx). Without Luis’s inspiration, it’s possible that all of this would still just be a simple tutorial. My CHA/V PCBs are directly inspired by Luis’s.

One of my favorite things to do has become traveling and teaching people how to make this crazy stuff, and I’ve gotten to do that with support from people like Eva Aguila at Coaxial, Ivan “Klif” Marusic and Debora Hustic at Radiona, Tina Dolinšek at Ljudmila, and Antonella Di Tillo / Laboratorio Aperto. It’s also been a true pleasure to have some friends like Phil Baljeu, Roland Lioni, Jack Schoonover, Staša Guček, and Bbob Drake roll up their sleeves and jump in to help teach some of these workshops.

Finally, Chris King and the Video Circuits community continually rallies around this project, and it definitely wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without that support. The enthusiasm of the Video Circuits community is the fuel that this projects runs on.

Here are some clips of work that people did in the beginning:

Also, check out Zach Michaels’ youtube page for lots of video evidence of his failure to heed my warnings to never construct this device. He has taken this defiance to new heights, constructing more powerful oscillators, and even adding sync:

A viking named Leif Hunneman even turned the CHA/V into a Eurorack module:

This guy that steals midi made a blog post about his CHA/V:

reddit is the source of everything, including CHA/V jokes:

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.32.36 PM.png

These guys in Italy had a whole workshop:

These guys in London did a whole workshop too:

Drum and Bass is getting blasted through this CHA/V: