Using VGA4EVA with old CHA/Vs

VGA4EVA was designed to be used with the CHA/V 3.0, but it can be used with old versions too.

If you have a previously built CHA/V 2.0, fill out the contact form, enter your mailing address in the comment box, and list “CHADAPTER” as your website. For the cost of $0.00 + $0.00 shipping, I’ll mail you one a tiny adapter board that will allow you to connect VGA4EVA (and any other expanders I make in the future) to your CHA/V 2.0.

If you have one of the early CHA/Ves boards (anything without a horse on the underside), you could use VGA4EVA too, but you’ll have to hardwire it. All of the connections are labeled, so it’s just a matter of disconnecting the VGA test signal generator and connecting VGA4EVA in place of it. At some point I might make a guide about how to do that, but in the meantime shoot me an email if you need some help with that.