The Whole Boring CHA/V History

This page is under construction, but don’t worry, I promise it will be infinitely more boring in the near future.

2016: Original tutorial “How to make a crap video synth for $10” launched

2017: Luis Gonzalez made an open-source PCB design for the oscillators (pictured below). Gerber files are on still available onGitHub here:

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.14.04 PM.png

early 2019: Luis and I collaborated on improvements for his PCB design, that became known as “CHA/Ves 3.xx”.

This page is my guide to the CHA/Ves (3.xx). Those Gerber files are also still available for free: Click here for a picture-menu version of how to use the Gerber files to have your own PCBs manufactured.

late 2019: CHA/V Designs was born, and the first release was CHA/V 2.0, my own version of a DIY PCB, directly inspired by Luis’s open source version.

2021: CHA/V 3.0 and VGA4EVA released.