Build Guides

The Build Guides contain parts lists (a.k.a. Bill of Materials, or BOM for short) and step-by-step instructions with pictures and video.

Here are some tips for beginners

Note to experienced builders: All of these builds will probably be relatively easy for you, but I’d recommend that you at least skim the guides anyway. CHA/V stuff tends to use components in made-up ways that you might not’ve seen before, and you might get yourself in trouble if you assemble the board like a normal person without reading the ridiculous directions. There are also some little tricks in the guides that make some counterintuitive steps easier.

Build Guides for Current Projects:

CHA/V 3.0


VGA4EVA Programming Guide

VGA4EVA Alternative Arduino Code Sketches

Using VGA4EVA with old versions of the CHA/V


Build Guides for Past Projects:

CHA/V 2.0

CHAVes 3.xx